Streamlined Boutique Sales: The Smart Carts Impact

Chic Boutique, a trendy clothing and accessories store, was facing challenges in managing its online sales, invoicing, and live selling experience. As the owner sought to improve the customer experience and simplify her sales process, she decided to implement the Smart Carts app. The following case study highlights the remarkable results of this decision, with a focus on increased orders, average order value, conversion rate, and the enhanced live selling experience.


Chic Boutique has been a popular destination for fashion enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of clothing and accessories. With an increasing number of customers turning to online shopping, the owner sought to create a seamless and user-friendly e-commerce platform to accommodate their needs. However, managing invoicing and live selling had become increasingly time-consuming and challenging.

Implementation of Smart Carts

Chic Boutique decided to adopt the Smart Carts app to streamline its sales process and improve the overall customer experience. This app allowed the owner to add items directly to customers' carts during live selling events, eliminating the need for invoicing. The app's user-friendly interface and robust features made it easy for the boutique to manage orders, track inventory, and monitor customer engagement.


  1. Increased Orders: After implementing Smart Carts, Chic Boutique experienced a 35% increase in online orders within the first three months. The app's seamless integration into the online store encouraged customers to complete their purchases more quickly and easily.

  2. Higher Average Order Value: The average order value saw a 22% increase as customers enjoyed the intuitive shopping experience offered by the app. The simplified live selling process allowed the boutique owner to upsell and recommend additional products effectively, leading to larger orders.

  3. Improved Conversion Rate: The conversion rate increased by 18%, indicating that the streamlined sales process and live selling experience helped convert more website visitors into paying customers.

  4. Enhanced Live Selling Experience: Smart Carts allowed the boutique owner to focus on engaging with customers during live selling events rather than managing invoicing. This improved interaction led to a 45% increase in live sales, with customers providing positive feedback on the new system.

  5. Time Savings: By eliminating the need for manual invoicing, the boutique owner saved an estimated 15 hours per week. This allowed her to focus on other important aspects of her business, such as marketing and customer service.


Chic Boutique's experience with the Smart Carts app demonstrates its value in streamlining the sales process, improving customer experience, and increasing key performance metrics. By implementing the app, the boutique experienced significant growth in orders, average order value, and conversion rate, while also making live selling events more enjoyable and efficient for both the owner and customers. Smart Carts proved to be a worthwhile investment for Chic Boutique, transforming its online sales and elevating the business to new heights.
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